As Rescience Technology Consultancy Industry Trade Limited Company, we offer autonomous unmanned system solutions, data recording, monitoring, and analysis solutions, as well as wireless communication solutions tailored to your business model and needs.

Additionally, we also manage the representation of companies in the fields related to our areas of expertise.

Commencing its operations in 2018, Rescience has undertaken R&D projects and provided solutions in the following areas:

  • Custom production of Mini Sized Unmanned Aerial Systems in swarm (multiple) or individual configurations according to your needs and applications, autonomous operation, development of distributed data collection, data analysis, and processing subsystems.
  • Development of flight guidance, data monitoring, recording, and analysis systems for manned/unmanned aerial platforms.
    • Flight Guidance and Recording Box (FGRB), Fligt Data Monitoring (FDM).
  • Development of distributed wireless data collection and processing systems in agricultural fields.

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